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New nomination

July 2021

Michiel van Agtmael has been appointed as chair of the Implementation round of the ‘Rational Drug Use’ programme of ZonMw. ZonMw is a national funding organisation with a central role in Dutch health care research and innovation. The aim of the ‘Rational Drug Use’ programme is more effective, safer and more efficient use of existing medicines. Michiel van Agtmael replaces the current president Dr van der Graaff.

International workshop

May 2021

As part of the Erasmus programme, David Brinkman and Erik Donker were invited to give a online workshop to senior medical students of the Marasyk University in Czech Republic. The topic of the lecture was how to prescribe safely as a European medical doctor. The workshop was well appreciated by the students and will be repeated during a clinical pharmacology course in November 2021.

Second Erasmus+ grant approved

March 2021

RECIPE received another grant by Erasmus+. This is a 2-year project to develop an online environment for educators in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. The aim of this project is to collaborate, discuss and share educational resources. All resources on this platform are ready to be re-used for free (!) in medical curricula all over the world. Moreover, there are no copyright restrictions for (non-commercial) revision and redistribution. The partners in this project are 8 EU universities, the Centre for Human Drug Research, the World Health Organisation and the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. More information about the project can be found here .