RECIPE is responsible for the development and implementation of innovative pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and pharmacotherapy (CP&T) education during the undergraduate medical curriculum at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers (location VUmc). The curriculum consits of a bachelor-master structure, is characterized by context-based training and gives students prescribing responsibility as early as possible in their medical education.

Theoretic models

Context-based learning

Learning in the context of the future profession.

Flip the classroom

Delivering instructional content outside of the classroom, such as e-learnings (Pscribe), lectures on Youtube (Recipe-channel) and iBooks. In-class time is used to apply acquired knowledge to cases.

Blended learning

Using various learning styles, such as online courses and face-to-face contacts with students.

Evidence based education

Our education program is based on effective teaching methods identified in the literature.

Student run

Developing and organizing education and research by medical students, such as the Masterclass Pharmacotherapy, Student-run clinic and student assistants.

Bachelor program

Master program

Curriculum design
The CP&T curriculum in AmsterdamUMC is integrated througout the entire medical curriculum (see Figure 1). During the Bachelor years, the emphasis lies on gaining CP&T knowledge and simultaneously learning to apply this knowledge by training skills in therapeutics. During this phase, less attention is given to the prescription of drugs in clinical practice. During the Master years, as CP&T knowledge and therapeutic skills increase, increased emphasis is given to prescribing in clinical practice. The curriculum is based on final learning objectives in which the required level of therapeutic competence of medical graduates is determined. To verify if students are competent prescribers before graduation, they have to pass the National Pharmacotherapy Prescribing Exam and European Prescribing Exam. Besides the 6-year compulsory CP&T programme, we offer three electives courses: Minor Drugs, Masterclass Pharmacotherapy and Student-run clinic.

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