Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics education for internal medicine registrars in Europe

Period 2017 – 2024

During daily practice, European internists face many diseases, which originates from different organs (e.g. heart, lungs, intestines). Additionally, internal medicine patients are often complex and use multiple drugs. Besides adequate knowledge about diagnostics, an internist should have knowledge about clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. However, we hypothesize that internal medicine registrars are not sufficiently trained in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics and thus lack competencies to prescribe safely and effectively. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the clinical pharmacology and therapeutics education during the internal medicine traineeship in the Netherlands and Europe. Furthermore, we investigate whether knowledge and skills among internal medicine trainees in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics is correlated with the occurrence of prescribing errors and their attitudes (self-reported confidence, preparedness, and opinions).

PhD-student: Erik Donker,
Promotor: Prof. dr. M.A. van Agtmael
Co-promotors: Dr. J. Tichelaar & Dr. M.C. Richir

Improving and modernizing prescribing education in Europe by Teaching the Teachers and by integrating Planetary Health

Period 2022-2026

Safe and effective prescribing is a key competence for future clinicians, especially when they will prescribe drugs on a daily basis. However, it is shown that medical students not only feel unprepared, but also lack sufficient competences to prescribe safely and effectively, despite their current education. This lack of competences can lead to prescribing errors and therefore to adverse events. Furthermore, medication is responsible for a large contribution to the negative impact of the healthcare sector on the environment, which also contributes to potential disastrous adverse events on our planet. In order to reduce the potential adverse effects of medication in the broadest sense, it is desired to assure the quality and the planetary benefit of prescribing education. For that reason, we intent to improve and modernize Pharmacotherapy education by additionally training the teachers. We aim to set up a Teach the Teacher program for teachers in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, so that future prescribers in Europe will equally acquire sufficient knowledge and skills that are necessary for safe and rational prescribing. Furthermore, we aim to enable the integration of Planetary Health and sustainability within prescribing education, in order to subsequently include this concern in treatment choices of (future) prescribers.  

PhD-student: Joost Piët,
Promotor: Prof. dr. M.A. van Agtmael
Co-promotors: Dr. J. Tichelaar & Dr. M.C. Richir