RECIPE is currently working on a Erasmus+ project to develop an online environment for educators in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. The aim of this project is to collaborate, discuss and share educational resources. All resources on this platform are ready to be re-used for free (!) in medical curricula all over the world. Moreover, there are no copyright restrictions for (non-commercial) revision and redistribution. The partners in this project are 8 EU universities, the Centre for Human Drug Research, the World Health Organisation and the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. The platform can be accessed here.


RECIPE has developed online lectures about several therapeutic topics (in Dutch). The lectures can be freely accessed here
Additionally, more interesting lectures about toxicology can be found here


Together with Elevate Health, RECIPE has developed two e-Learnings for medical students and junior doctors (both only in Dutch). In the first e-Learning ‘Antibiotic Stewardship and infection control’, participants learn the basics about antibiotics and how improve the appropriate use of antimicrobials in hospitals. In the second e-Learning ‘Safe prescribing in hospitals’, participants gain knowledge about common drug groups that are essential for the daily work as a junior doctor, for example analgesics, anticoagulants and psychoactive drugs (see picture below). 

Access to each e-learning costs €10. You will have access for an indefinite period of time. 

If you would like to get access to one or more of these e-learnings, please send an e-mail to