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Nomination for national fund

November 2020

The Student Run Clinic project of RECIPE has been nominated for the Higher Education Premium 2020. This is a fund of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science to enhance innovation in higher education.

Second Erasmus+ proposal

November 2020

Together with 6 EU partners, we have submitted a second Erasmus+ funding proposal: The European Open Platform for Prescribing Education (EurOP2E). The aim of this project is to develop an online environment, created for educators in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics to collaborate, discuss and share educational resources. All resources on this platform are ready to be re-used for free (!) in medical curricula all over the world. Moreover, there are no copyright restrictions for (non-commercial) revision and redistribution. More information about the project can be found here.

Nomination for award

October 2020

‘The report and recognize your side effect’ project of RECIPE has been nominated for the Patient Bokaal Award 2020. This is an award for initiatives to improve the health care for oncology patients. You can watch a promo video about the project here.

Education award

September 2020

The Student Run Clinic project of RECIPE has received the Education Award 2020 of the Dutch Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmacy (NVKF&B). You can find can watch a promo video about the project here.

First report for the Erasmus+ grant

July 2020

RECIPE completed the first report for the Erasmus+ grant. The aim of this grant is to develop, test and implement a standardised assessment on safe prescribing during the undergraduate medical curriculum. More informaton about the project can be found here.

New website for the Erasmus+ project

June 2020

RECIPE developed a new website for the Erasmus+ project. This website contains a link to the European Prescribing Exam and platform for sharing education materials among EU universities. You can find the website here.

Online lectures

March 2020

Because of the current Corona epidemic in Europe, all face-to-face teaching in our university has been cancelled. For this reason, RECIPE decided upload online lectures for the medical students. Several important therapeutic topics are covered. You can find the lectures here.

Escape room game for teaching pharmacotherapy

February 2020

RECIPE has developed an innovative method for teaching pharmacotherapy, namely an Escape room game. Medical students can play this game and learn in a playful way. The Escape room game developed by RECIPE is about the opioid crisis. You can watch the video here.

Guide to Good Prescribing

January 2020

Since its launch in 1994, the WHO Guide to Good prescribing and the accompanying Teachers Guide to Good Prescribing (2002) have grown to be the main documents to teach problem-based pharmacotherapy. The guide has been translated in 24 languages and local editions. Now, 25 years later, RECIPE is working on an update of these documents. Read more here.


January 2020

Michiel van Agtmael, chair of the Antibiotic Committee of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, has won the TEAMS Prize for the integration of the hospital antibiotic guidelines of both locations of the Amsterdam University Medical Centers.