RECIPE delivers a compulsory pharmacotherapy programme to second-, third- and fourth-year dentistry students at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam aimed at acquiring essential knowledge and skills in prescribing medications. In the Netherlands, registered dentists are authorized to prescribe drugs, albeit limited to those necessary for appropriate dental treatment, such as antibiotics and analgesics. Although the dental drug repertoire is relatively small, and dentists typically prescribe a limited quantity of medications in practice, it remains crucial for dentistry students to possess sufficient competence in prescribing to ensure safe and effective treatment.

Theoretic models

Curriculum design

The curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge of how to appropriately prescribe drugs essential for effective dental treatment. The emphasis is placed on understanding the relevant side effects and interactions specifically relevant to dentistry, as well as the proper prescription of painkillers, antibiotics, and anesthetics. This comprehensive training is delivered through interactive lectures, collaborative working groups where students can practice prescription writing, and joint lectures involving various disciplines such as physiology, dentistry, and medicine.

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