Registered dentists in The Netherlands are certified to prescribe drugs. However, their qualification is restricted to those drugs necessary for adequate dental treatment (e.g. antibiotics, analgesics). Although the drug arsenal for dental treatment is relatively small and dentists prescribe a little amount of drugs in practice, sufficient prescribing competence for dentistry students remains crucial to prescribe safely and effectively. 

In order to obtain sufficient prescribing knowledge and skills, RECIPE delivers a compulsory pharmacotherapy programme to second-, third- and fourth-year dentistry students at the Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam.

Topics included in the programme are:

• Local anesthethics;

• Antibiotics and dental procedures;

• Oral anticoagulants and dental procedures;

• Pain management;

• Common chronic diseases in the dental practice (e.g. cardiovasculair, respiratory);

• Decreased kidney function.

The teaching methods used are:

• Interactive lectures;

• Online quizes;

• Written patient cases.

The assessment methods used are:

• Online assessment with multiple reponse questions.

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