Specialist nurses are certified health care professionals who provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive healthcare services under the supervision of a medical doctor. Since 2001, specialist nurses in The Netherlands are certified to prescribe drugs. RECIPE is responsible for the prescribing programme of specialist nurse trainees at the Hogeschool Inholland and Hogeschool Utrecht.

These institutions offer the following specialist nurse trainings:

Master Physician Assistant (PA) Inholland: parttime programme of 2,5 years;

Master Physician Assistant (PA) Hogeschool Utrecht: parttime programma of 2-3 years;

Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP): parttime programme of 2 years;

Theoretic models

• Context-based learning

Learning in the context of the future profession.

• Flip the classroom

Delivering instructional content outside of the classroom, such as e-learnings (Pscribe), mobile applications (TRC) and iBooks.

• Blended learning

Using various learning styles, such as online courses and face-to-face contacts with students.

• Evidence based education

Our education programma is based on effective teaching methods identified in the literature.

• Student run

Developing and organizing education and research by students, such as Student-run clinic.

Course program

Curriculum design

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