Specialist nurses are certified health care professionals who provide diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive healthcare services under the supervision of a medical doctor. Since 2001, specialist nurses in The Netherlands are certified to prescribe drugs. RECIPE is responsible for the prescribing programme of specialist nurse trainees at the Hogeschool InhollandHogeschool Utrecht and Amstel Academie in Amsterdam.

These institutions offer the following specialist nurse trainings:

Master Physician Assistant (PA): parttime programme of 2,5 years;

Master of Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP): parttime programme of 2 years;

Master Oncology nurse: parttime programme of 12 to 14 months.

Topics included in the programme are:

• Basic pharmacology principles;

• Learning therapeutic skills for 18 essential diseases (e.g. cardiovasculair, respiratory, gastro-intestinal tract);

• Writing a drug prescription;

• Polypharmacy.

The teaching methods used are:

• Interactive lectures;

• Roleplaying sessions using written patient cases and simulation patients.

The assessment methods used are:

• Written and oral exams;

• Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) with simulation patients.

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