Dr. Vigilance was created to enhance and modernize teaching in clinical pharmacovigilance since the availability of high-quality educational programs and resources remains notably sparse. Most pharmacovigilance education is focused on population-based pharmacovigilance activities (such as risk management systems, pharmacovigilance in clinical trials, or data entry of spontaneous adverse drug reaction (ADR) reports), which are not so relevant for healthcare students/providers working with individual patients. The few educational resources that do target clinical pharmacovigilance activities in individual patient care, focusing on “the understanding the importance of pharmacovigilance and preventing” and “recognizing, managing, and reporting ADRs”, predominantly use outdated teaching resources and are not supported by evidence of their educational effectiveness. Most surprising is that while these teaching programmes claim to focus on clinical pharmacovigilance, they are minimally enriched with context – participants do not learn in an appropriate physical environment (e.g. hospital, general practice, nursing home setting) or take part in simulations.

In recognition of this, the European Open Platform for Prescribing Education (EurOP2E) entrusted dr. Vigilance with the task of formulating a potent, fitting, and contemporary educational program alongside resources for instructing clinical pharmacovigilance. One of the aims of this ongoing project is to develop a teacher’s guide, the Dr. Vigilance teaching guide. This practical guide provides pharmacovigilance educators with high-quality, ready to use teaching resources on pharmacovigilance, with a focus on pharmacovigilance activities in individual patient care. A second aim was to create a set of high-quality, modern, clinical pharmacovigilance educational resources, the Dr. Vigilance teaching resources. Both meet EurOP2E requirements and are adaptable, open licensed, peer-reviewed, and free.

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